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Drills and Skills

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Drills and Skills


The Programme

This programme is specifically designed for individuals who actively participate in Airsoft and related activities.

The programme material provided is current and tailored to the specific exercises required for Airsoft, including its various play and game styles.

The tutoring provided is exclusively delivered by former and current military personnel and is not aimed at replicating or training individuals for real military operations.

The Certificate of Achievement is awarded for participation in the programme and does not have any affiliations with external governing bodies or associations.

The purpose of this programme is to help enhance your personal skills and enable you to operate more effectively within a team setting.

Our aim is for you to have more fun at the same time as enhancing your Airsoft skills.



Drills and Skills

Our tutors are made up of army personnel, both serving and reservists and are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences and knowledge of military life.

We are excited to offer a bespoke programme for Airsofters.

Six sessions over the course of five months.

Eight fundamental aspects of CQB, as well as three key principles.

The programme breakdown is as follows:

  1. Weapon drills and transition, stance and movement, doorway drills, target runs and directing staff-led exercises.
  2. Two and four-man operations, The Offensive Launch, elimination and clearance, owning the room and control & search.
  3. Drills for casualty under fire, hostage situations, control of the living and extraction.
  4. Command and signals, multiple team operations and dynamics, forward line of troop coordination, practice attack with communications, stairway drills and clearance, multiple team movement, safe and correct use of ordinance and infiltration techniques.
  5. Practice and honing session to analyse target packs and issue orders.
  6. The final exercise brings all your newly acquired skills together and concludes with a hot debrief.

A Certificate of Achievement will be given to each participant and awards will be presented to the best team and top operator.


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